Boudoir Photo Posing Guide

Every woman, regardless of age, shape or size, should have a boudoir photography session. Whoever
said that these sessions are only for mainstream and commercial models are gravely mistaken.

Amazing boudoir photography sessions are a testament to a woman’s beauty, strength and power. It
allows a woman to get in touch with her inner goddess, have fun, and take home an amazing collection of
photographs to remember it by.

However, some women are discouraged to book their sessions because of worries and concerns – all of
which are very easy to solve!

If you’re one of those women who have never been professionally photographed before and find it weird
and awkward to pose in front of the camera, you’re not alone! This is usually one of the reasons why
women never try boudoir – if posing in front of a professional photographer fully clothed is difficult, then
what more if you’re wearing sexy lingerie?

All you need are tips and suggestions on what to do and how to prepare and the assurance that it will turn
out as amazing as you hope it to be.

Posing is usually one of the biggest concerns, especially for women who are not used to professional
cameras. But worry not, here is a guide of things to consider when doing your poses for your boudoir

1. It’s all about confidence

It’s easy to say “be confident”, but really – how can you be confident?

Confidence comes from knowing that you’re prepared and you’re capable. It gives you a sense of being in
control and knowing that whatever happens, you’ll know what to do.

In the context of a photoshoot, this translates to making sure you’re prepared ahead of time and you’ve
done your homework.

You’re already pretty, and for your boudoir session, you want to highlight your best features by getting
professional hair and makeup services to accentuate and flatter your best angles. This will definitely add
an extra fire in your spirit and boost your confidence.

2. Research and Practice

Not being used to the camera shouldn’t stop you from getting one of the most liberating experiences in
your life. Before your schedule, research sample boudoir photos and try to recreate the ones that you are
most comfortable with.

Make sure to set aside time to talk to your photographer and discuss the expectations for the shoot.
Having the experience of working with women before, they should be able to make you feel at ease and
give you helpful suggestions on posing, and the assurance that they’ll make the experience as fun,
relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

3. Pamper yourself

Confidence also comes from feeling good about yourself.

And how would you feel good about yourself? Through pampering of course!

Schedule a massage, a scrub, and a mani-pedi appointment prior to your shoot. Having relaxed and
beautiful skin will definitely add additional points to your confidence level, making it easier for you to be
more playful during the shoot.

Do not, however, schedule any major facial or skin treatments, especially those that you have never tried
before, a few days before your shoot. This is to avoid any irritation or allergic reaction to your skin and

4. Know your best features and highlight them

When it comes to posing, it is best to highlight your best features. Which part of your body are you
particularly fond of? Which part do you think is your best feature?

Identify these and make sure to highlight them when you pose.

For the hands, try to keep them away from your body as they tend to add bulk.

If you have nice shoulders, make sure to let your photographer know so they can suggest a pose that will
highlight it.

5. Clothes and accessories matter

Before you go to the shoot, make sure to wear loose clothing and avoid items that leave marks on your
skin. Tight underwear, garterized clothing usually leave red marks on your skin so it’s best you steer clear
of them.

When it comes to the clothing you’ll wear during the shoot, make sure they’re comfortable and they fit you
well. It will be difficult to pose and move if you’re uncomfortable with what you’re wearing.

Also, bring accessories! Accessories like a small bouquet of flowers or nice, sexy pieces of jewelry can
help you add variety to the poses you can do. Plus, it’s easier to be playful and more fluid with your poses
if you’re interacting with something.

Once you have conquered these guides and mastered how you want to pose for your boudoir shoot, the
next steps will be a breeze!