Boudoir & Intimate photography

We are Glamour and Nude Boudoir photography specialist in Perth providing artistic photography.

Whether you are looking for an album of intimate images to share with a loved one or to capture your beautiful youth we will provide you with an affordable, professional and tasteful solution.

We offer a full range of photographic prints, canvas prints, DVD digital albums and photo albums and websites.

Any one who does a shoot with us can add her photos to our list of models to gain work, free of charge from us. Boudoir photography Perth

About us

We want to provided you with a tailored boudoir photographic session, so we want to know the kind of photos you’re interested in if you’re not sure that is okay too we will ask questions before the shoot to make sure the final results will be what you’re looking for.

We appreciate everybody is different your glamour photo shoot can be anything you want it to be, we also love outside the box thinking so whether it is glamour photography, lingerie photography or Fantasy photo shoot we invite you to bring along your own clothing, lingerie or props.

Women’s Empowerment

There are many different reasons for a boudoir session, some girls are in a long distance relationship with their man and they say it helps it also gives them something to do to express their feelings for the other person.

Many women don’t realise the empowerment a good glamour photography session can do for them personally take Sally, (name changed) Sally was in deep depression and feeling completely worthless she tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrists, once her wounds had healed her friends dragged her a long for a professional glamour session with us, having a secret word to to us about her mood the session was organised,

the shoot took approximately half a day and included some champagne there was a lot of fun, laughing and a good time was had once the nervousness was gone, but what really affected us yes that’s right us, was the positive impact it had on Sally,

she never saw herself in such a way it was as if Sally had never seen herself as a beautiful sexy woman before, but through the eyes of the photographer she could see she was worth more than life itself, Sally left the studio that day a different woman it also left us with a different view on what we do and the importance of women’s empowerment.

Boudoir Photography Perth Boudoir Book or Album
Boudoir Photography Perth Boudoir Book or Album

$20.00 Shoot

Boudoir Photography Perth.

$20.00 is all it takes to book your boudoir photography shoot and for as many sessions as you want, I have never been a been a big priced high-pressure sales company, I simply don’t like that style,

If you like our work you purchase some things, trust me a lot of girls buy our images, why because I believe I see my clients as sexy women rather than big possible income churning out customer after next customer,

I will spend a lot of time half a day, another half a day, how many half days would you like to be comfortable with the camera, be comfortable with me, and to explore the real beauty and inner image desires that you have, how many different ways would you like others to see you, with me there is plenty of time to explore your inner desires and crazy fun ideas.

As for price you can see my prices here prices just remember there was no pressure for you to buy all the pressure is on me and I prefer it that way. I have always lived by the motto, make somebody happy they’ll tell three people, make somebody angry or upset they will tell 15.

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