Glamour photography Perth is a genre where females are portrayed in erotic poses from fully clothed to nude.

Our style of glamour photography can be as different, revealing or sexy as you like, it does not have to be pornographic, we can make it artistic and even impossible for people to know that it is you If you wish. The female body is an absolute work of art which even other females admire in a nonsexual way and unfortunately for us all, it is not at its best for very long. We are dedicated to the artistic representation of the human form, glamour photography Perth. With each individual client we sit down and talk about the glamour photo shoot and the type of images you want, how do want to be seen and what you want to achieve, we do not simply take the same shots for every client.

With a focus on everyday women we are able to capture the individual beauty within every unique woman. From sexy to sophisticated, romantic to risqué, we tailor your glamour photo shoot to your desires. We deliver both a fun shoot and finished products beyond your expectations.

A brief history of Glamour or Erotic Photography as it was known

Glamour Photography was originally called Erotic Photography and was usually associated with French postcards sold by street vendors in France. Around the beginning of the 1900s sexually dressed women on pinups became the rage of witch Betty Grable was the best selling pinup with WW2 U.S. army personnel. In 1953 along came Hugh Hefner with Marilyn Monroe as the first centerfold. Social standards and styles of glamour photography or erotic glamour photography Perth change over time, reflecting acceptance and taste.

If you would like some old-fashioned style glamour photography sepia toned so it looks like your back in the early 1900s just tell us will be happy to oblige. Call us to arrange your glamour photo shoot.
Glamour photo shoot Perth.