We are looking for girls/women over 18 who will model for this category to replace or add to it. In exchange for your time modelling and the unlimited licensing of your likeness and images, we will provide you all the images we use for free on a USB stick for your use for your own promotion and will give you professional-quality images for you to use without restriction. These pictures will not be used on other sites only my own. You do not need prior experience. This is a great opportunity to start or expand your portfolio. Please email me with a photo of yourself. Thanks!

Boudoir Photography

Whether you are looking for an album of intimate images to share with a loved one or to capture your beautiful youth we will provide you with an affordable, professional and tasteful solution.

We offer a full range of photographic prints, canvas prints, DVD digital albums and photo albums and websites.
Stunning, sensual and unique portrait photography. Boudoir Photography Perth is a sophisticated and elegant private glamour studio catering to the empowered woman. Our attention to detail, easygoing workflow, our lighthearted and fun attitude during the shoot will make you feel comfortable and very special.

Cosmopolitan.com conducted a survey of 850 readers, 99 percent female and 98% of women have admitted to taking or having taken naked photographs of themselves and 82% said that they would do it again so why do so many women like to have nude photographs of themselves and what is stopping you?
Some reasons that may hold you back from a Boudoir Session

I need to lose weight first. This is the most common excuse we hear for why someone won’t book a boudoir photography shoot. Your shoot is about so much more than just the shape of your body. It’s my job to make you comfortable so I can capture your genuine laugh, the sparkle in your eyes and all the other quirks that make you “YOU”. Besides, expert posing, lighting, lens choice, wardrobe, and image composition will having you looking slimmer than you have ever thought possible! You are not defined by your size, so don’t let it keep you from feeling good about the incredible woman you are.

Are you feeling down perhaps even feeling unattractive? A good boudoir session will restore your confidence and enable you to see yourself like you’ve never seen before.

See yourself in a different light, we all have a very busy lives not to mention hassles from work or relationships a boudoir shoot Perth will remind you or even reveal how unique, sexy and beautiful you are.

Do you think you’re not sexy enough? You do realise there is someone for everyone out there and thank goodness for that or I would still be single:) some Love skinny women, some love larger woman, some don’t like pretty women and some do, some like intelligent women and others not so much you see every man has a different view of what is beautiful and sexy but as a man I can tell you any woman that does a boudoir shoot becomes instantly intriguing, powerfully and mysteriously attractive, fascinating and seductive.

Boudoir Photography Perth TRUE STORY

Sally, name changed Sally was in deep depression and feeling completely worthless tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrists, once her wounds had healed her friends arranged a boudoir shoot in my studio, they had a secret word to me about her mood the session was organised, the shoot took approximately half a day and included some champagne there was a lot of fun, laughing and a good time was had once the nervousness of being naked was gone but what really affected me yes me was the positive impact it had on Sally she never saw herself in such a way it was as if Sally had never seen her beautiful sexy body before but through the eyes of the photographer she could see she was worth more than life itself, Sally left the studio that day a different woman it also left me with a completely different view of what i do and the importance of being confident about who you are and how a boudoir shoot plays its part in that.

Don’t wait and you don’t have to only do a Boudoir Session Perth once!

Boudoir Photography Perth.