About Us Originally known as creative wedding photography in the 80s and 90s we won many awards in the field of wedding photography, we were also do very well known for photographing Hollywood superstars, rock groups, world leaders and anyone of any fame or fortune who came to Perth, the intimacy and closeness we could […]

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Our style of erotic or nude art can be as different, revealing or sexy as you like, it does not have to be pornographic, we can make it artistic and even impossible for people to know that it is you If you wish. The female body is an absolute work of art which even other […]

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Nude Photography Perth Glamour Specialist I am a nude glamour photographer specialist in Perth providing, artistic boudoir photography. Whether you are looking for an album of intimate images to share with a loved one or to capture your beautiful youth we will provide you with an affordable, professional and tasteful solution. We offer a full […]

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Earn Money as a Model

Any girl who does a shoot with us can add her photos to our list of models to gain work, free of charge from us. Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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