Let us use at least 1 shot for our site and you can have all the shots on CD for FREE (for a Limited Time)

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What is Nude or Erotic Glamour Photography

Our Photography specialises in boudoir photography, makeovers, burlesque photography, boudoir makeover parties, sensual and nude glamour photography, lingerie photography, nude and erotic portraits, digital art, retouching and airbrushing we keep to a minimum to show the your real beauty, sexual qualities and confidence .

What do you need to do?

We can take shoot almost anywhere, in a studio environment, on location or in your home; maybe you’d like some of everything.

Specialist in Sexy, Nude, boudoir or Erotic art, Sydney, Perth and Central Coast NSW

We can provide your photography results in

Electronic form for e-mails and Web posting


Coffee table books

Framed art

Your very own magazine like Playboy or B&W for example

And of course photographs

But if you have something else in mind we would love to hear it, no challenge is two great

Want to make some money

We can shoot and send your photographs for free to Playboy style magazines to America or other places in the world, and split the money 60-40, 60% for you, looks and body types are not so important, there are magazines for everybody out there, just send us in some photos of yourself so we can work out which magazines would be right for you.

What is the cost?

Most of our clients do their own hair and makeup with a little bit of advice from us, if this sounds like you, the shoot is for free and the shoot and package starts at $250.00. If you would like a professional hairstylist and makeup artist the cost is $150 just for the shoot packages extra.

Remember, if you don’t like any of the photos you don’t have to buy any, so why not try doing your own hair and makeup first.

Ownership of the photos are yours! I can only use your photos with your signed agreement.

Boudoir Photography

Nude Photographer Sydney

Boudoir Photography Glamour Photographers Nude Art Sexy Portrait Sydney

Specialist in Sexy, Nude, boudoir or Erotic Glamour Photography Sydney, Perth and Central Coast NSW

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